Always choose the most important thing.

Why is it so hard to be like Mary and choose the most important thing? The one thing that will never be taken away from us.

A question I have been asking myself lately is this:

How do I live my life at the feet of Jesus? How do I put Him first each day no matter how crazy life gets?

Reminding myself that nothing on my to do list is more important than time spent at the feet of Jesus. Not writing a new blog post, not my Pilates workouts, not cleaning the house or cooking a meal…nothing.

Maybe, when I put Him first, I can trust that time will open up for all the other things I would like to accomplish throughout the day. Maybe He multiplies our time when we give our first minutes and hours of the day to Him.

When I think of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, I imagine her staring at Him with total adoration, hanging on His every Word. Like a child, she became oblivious to the world around her, enraptured by the beautiful face and wondrous words of Jesus.

She forgot about work and rested in the Lord’s presence. Jesus affirmed her, saying she had chosen the most important thing.

When she chose Jesus first, her burdens were lifted, and she gained joy, wisdom, peace, and rest.

While Martha was fussing over the meal, Mary was already feasting on the main course.

I want to be like Mary, living at the feet of Jesus. Listening, learning, gazing, resting, feasting.