Matthew 2 Devotional Reflection

Jesus was born at a time when perhaps the most evil empire in history was in power. For His first few years of life on earth, His family was fleeing Judea and King Herod to keep Him alive.

After learning more about Roman culture during that period, I find it fascinating that Jesus chose to come at a time when criminal deaths were extremely brutal and Christianity would become a huge threat to Roman power--for Christians obeyed God above Ceasar. Perhaps the Roman Empire provided the greatest contrast for the Kingdom of God (ie. light vs dark, good vs evil).

The early church began at the height of Roman power and endured through horrific persecution. The fact that followers of Jesus were never wiped out completely is remarkable. Perhaps Jesus chose the path of most resistance because it would best reveal the enduring love and power of God. Even the most evil empire the world had ever seen was no match for Him.

Also, this came to me as I was praying...

The followers of Jesus needed to begin spreading the Gospel at such a time as this. Instead of sending a flood to destroy wickedness, which God promised to never do again, Jesus sent His followers, who were filled with the Holy Spirit, to transform the world. Jesus came to stir up a new kind of flood that would destroy evil and wickedness.