(right) In the hospital with Crohn's disease (2017)

After turning away from God when I was eighteen, I spent twelve years trying to find my identity and purpose in the world. Instead of living out the romantic, adventurous twenties I had dreamed of, I fell into depression, food and alcohol addiction, and--after years of ever-worsening symptoms--I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of twenty-seven.

Over the next three years, I did my best to pick up the pieces after hitting rock-bottom, but it wasn't until my thirtieth birthday that things really began to change. I still felt lost and lonelier than ever, but something was telling me that I needed to turn back to God and give Him another chance. Even as I ventured into the unknown, I somehow knew that He was my only hope. 

And as soon as I began searching for Him, I found that He had never left--He had been right there waiting all along. 

I am thirty-four now and God has completely changed my life; He has restored every year that I lost. He has filled me with joy, set me free from addiction, and completely healed me from Crohn's disease. I have found my identity in Christ and His love for me.

Everyday is an opportunity to grow closer to God and grow into the person He created me to be. I love sharing my experiences and thoughts on personal growth, transformation, and spirituality with you, and I hope you leave my little corner of the internet feeling encouraged and inspired.